About Us

Our focus is not only on producing academic excellence, but infusing this with practical skills, we offer several opportunities for skills development and vocational training to all our learners thereby preparing them to actively generate their own income and become self sufficient at a young age.


  • was established in 2009 and has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. It was the springboard for all the subsequent schools launched to date.

A Junior school 

  • ¬†KJC was established around 2014 initially to cater for the Children of staff, but has since grown to cater for the community as a whole

Boys College

  • KBC which was in response to the demand from parents to have a school for their sons with similar academic excellence the Knowstics Girls brand had built

Knowstics Day College

  • KDC was also launched in 2017 to provide quality education for secondary school pupils within the proximity of Bonda, as day scholars.